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If you’re interested in treading the boards, we’d love to hear from you. However, if the thought of being on stage brings you out in a cold sweat, there are a whole raft of behind the scenes roles which may well be of interest. So plenty to choose from for both drama queens and the more shy and retiring. Putting on a show involves many talents – there are a multitude of support roles……………..

SET DESIGN and BUILDING for those with design aspirations and DIY enthusiasts, and PROPS to be sourced are essential to the visual aspects of any production. And other visual essentials relate bringing the characters to life with COSTUMES and MAKE UP, HAIR AND WIGS.

LIGHTING and SOUND are the key effects required to create the ambience for any show in bringing it to life.

Then there are further aspects associated with STAGE MANAGEMENT and BACK OF HOUSE support.

And of course, DIRECTION and PRODUCTION. Alongside these key roles are the identification of shows to perform, and in some cases the writing of scripts.

Then there are further aspects associated with PROMOTION, PHOTOGRAPHY, and FRONT OF HOUSE, both leading up to and on performance days.

So something to suit a whole range of skills and talents—and also to enjoy a wider social circle and have fun at the same time.

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